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small businessWhen it comes to cost-effective, trackable, results driven marketing, traditional marketing is quickly declining for small and local business. What small business has the time and money anymore to build a brand without immediate, clear results? If you’re a small business owner, you need to see results NOW and focus time and budget toward effective conversion strategies. Now, if you’re a big business, like GoDaddy, and you have millions of dollars to spend on creating a trusted brand through radio, TV, and print, then traditional avenues make some sense. But, if you’re a local business or small business, especially those with an online marketplace, then your focus MUST be on converting potential clients into income as quickly as possible, as opposed to pure branding with a long-term strategy. In that sense, spending money and time doing branding and conversion efforts offline is often a waste of resources. Flyers, handouts, promotions, event sponsorships, and the like are often very difficult, timely, and costly to gain a few new clients.

Here are some important things to consider, when determining the importance of online marketing:

Trackable Results

We have to gauge what’s working and what isn’t. With TV, radio, and print, unless you’re setting up different inbound numbers for each ad, there’s virtually no way to track conversions per effort. It’s more about branding. And small businesses need customers NOW, not a huge brand!

Easier Conversion Process

You want customers right now! With online marketing, the main focus is getting a potential client to click and buy, or at least to click and become aware of your existence—and hopefully enter some contact info for re-engagement, so that eventually they’ll buy. There’s no easier way to get them to click then by online pipelines, most importantly through your web site!

Bigger Bang For Your Buck

Your dollar in the online world goes a lot farther than in the traditional world. Typically we see about 5 times the conversion rate for online marketing spends, like SEO or SEM, when compared with traditional spends, such as flyering or event sponsorship.

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