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Caviar offers full quality assurance testing services for desktop and mobile applications. Our team is dedicated to making the QA phase of each client’s project a success, from the initial test plan to the final test results prior to the product launch. For each of the services listed below we apply QA techniques and QA checklists depending on the size and the complexity of the project. Our experience ranges from e-newsletter testing, iOS and Android applications testing to e-commerce websites and interactive applications.

  1. Compatibility Testing- Prior to the commencement of all projects we deliver a test plan that includes all the browsers and platforms to be tested, the strategy used for the testing and the tool and process to complete successful testing. All of the test documentations are based on the functional requirements of the project. We build test matrixes according to the target audience and based on our general experience in testing large scale web sites and mobile applications.  All of our QA documentations are created based on the nature and the complexity of your project.
  2. Depending on the type of application you are developing your target audience will vary and the interaction and the approach of the user with the final product will differ from one user to another.  commerce or informative web sites, to content management systems or an app based on the iOS or Android mobile platforms. When we test an app our goal is to make sure that all functional requirements are implemented and work as expected but we also provide feedback and advice where the usability of the application can be improved based on our experience testing not only a wide variety of applications but with some of the largest brands in the world.
  3. When we test the functionality we make sure that all the links throughout the Web site or application work correctly, execute different use case scenarios in forms, check login or user account functionality, create modify and delete comments, and test administrator console tools.  commerce, Flash web site, etc.  This may vary from an html to a Flash Web site since the linking of the pages is developed completely differently.
  4. Quality Assurance Consulting- We offer our knowledge to help you improve your quality assurance by meeting with your team, analyzing your project cycle and coming up with a panel of new solutions to implement inside your group to accelerate and facilitate the QA testing phase. Based on our experience and knowledge of different processes and tools we can provide our expertise and advise you on the best QA practices.
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