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signage basicsWhether it’s a billboard, an advertisement, a keyword search link, or any other kind of medium, all business must have a way of letting the public know who they are and what they do… Hence the importance of creating results-driven signage. There are some basic elements to creating an effective sign for your company, but the first step is recognizing that you either need one, need the one you have to be larger, or need multiple. Any way you dice it, a business MUST have a sign out in the world that reaches as many people as possible within their market. There are 4 basic elements to keep in mind when developing your signage or simple advertisement: Brand, Service(s), Contact Info, and Call-to-Action, aka. Who, What, Where, and Why!

Brand (Who)

Include your name and/or logo, and perhaps even your slogan everywhere you can. Branding is all about repetition and recognition. Your logo (brand) should appear in as many places as possible, both in your signs as well as on all of your marketing collateral and web sites. We must get people to recognize this brand, which builds trust in consumers’ minds and thus makes it easier for them to purchase from you. Consumers make purchases emotionally! Become a close and trusted friend, and they’ll think of you when shopping for your service, rather than thinking of your competition.

Service(s) (What)

Tell them what you do or sell in your signage. There’s no use in having a great looking brand and large phone number without anyone know what you do/sell and hence why they should contact you. Lists of services or products can be very simple and, depending on the size and design of the ad, could be as little as 2 or 3 words or as long as a paragraph. Make sure that your key services or products are highlighted, and that those match with the most broadly searched or most popular service or product that you provide.

  • Size and design of ADs make the website popular
  • Prominent and easy to use for customer
  • Elements to be included for successful website

Contact Info (Where)

They need to know right away a very simple way to get in touch. Phone numbers are great; web site addresses are good; and physical addresses may be useful as well. But again, there’s no use in having a great looking brand and listing your services/products without anyone knowing how to get in touch or where to go to buy your products. The contact info is an absolute must and it MUST be prominent and easy for the consumer. Don’t make a potential client work too hard to buy your product or service.

Call-To-Action (Why)

Give your potential client a reason to call… Tell them what their first step is; don’t make them figure it out. “Call for a free consultation!” is a good first step. It let them know that they must call and that the first thing they’ll get is free. Or better yet, give them a reason to call RIGHT NOW! Providing discounts with certain expiration periods is a great start. Earning five dollars today is theoretically worth more than the chance of earning $7 next week. “Call during the month of March and receive a free consultation plus 10% off your order!” is a great incentive to get in touch right now.

Sometimes, depending on the nature of the sign (design, size, etc.), all of this information may not be applicable. So prioritize! Take into consideration the industry, location, and marketing objectives of this sign or ad, and your business as a whole, to determine what elements MUST be include—what are the most important things for your potential customers to become aware of when it comes to your business.

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