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Lead Generation Service Types We OfferCaviar takes the risk and work out of scoping, vetting, reviewing, delivering, managing compliance, optimization and reconciliation of new business lead generation without adding additional expense.

Our lead generation services in Atlanta are strategically designed to generate consumer interest or inquiry into your products or services. We use a number of tactical methods to generate leads, from audience building with RTB advertising and search retargeting, to direct marketing and database marketing, internet marketing, list acquisition, PPC Marketing, Call Centers and more.  We create and funnel high-quality sales leads with high-percentage conversion rates.

Whether you need to drive trial and new customer sign-up, scale an inside sales department or build a large response rich customer database, Caviar will achieve your results. We work within your budget while meeting or exceeding your quality standards. Our turn-key solution extends across mobile, display, search and event marketing channels.

We know each vendor’s capability in mobile, online media networks, media publishing platforms, exchanges, aggregators and data providers. We use two proprietary software systems to RFP client campaigns and purchase media on a reverse auction platform. This creates a competitive marketplace that drives down costs and increases ROI. Caviar employs compliance investigators to manage quality and adherence to brand guidelines and monitor your campaigns on a daily basis. Our cost per inquiry is typically 70% less than traditional media

Caviar's Procurement Process  We help our clients reduce waste and overall acquisition cost as well as increase conversions through the application of proven sourcing and purchasing strategies, practices, people and technologies.

Virtual RFP/Supplier Match  We use proprietary technologies, the Virtual RFP and Caviar Auction, to match campaigns with the most appropriate publishers. These competitive selection tools help drive down costs and/or increase the value of your media dollars by allowing publishers to bid to run your campaign.

Implementation/Delivery  Our years of knowledge in the performance space ensures that the delivery of campaigns is held to the highest standards possible. Based on our expertise, we have developed extensive stringent publisher agreements and out clauses that are favorable to the clients we serve.

Compliance and Reporting Our Compliance Services Group actively mitigates brand compliance and placement risks involved with running an online marketing and direct response campaign. Continuous measurement and evaluation is necessary to identify improvement opportunities or publisher non-performance to support future purchase decisions.

Optimization  Based on various tracking mechanisms and using our secure lead management system, Caviar is able to optimize in real-time to ensure that the defined campaign goals are reached. In addition, we analyze and optimize performance-based advertising across all marketing channels.

Lead Tracking and Management Caviar manages data flow for all of our clients using a sophisticated and secure online management system. This allows management of unlimited affiliates, ad campaigns, creative, tracking pixels, lead validation and merchant data distribution within a single synchronized solution. All leads can be captured, filtered, validated, and ported to the client’s existing consumer-tracking system.

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