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think outside of the boxSuccessful small businesses are run just like successful large companies, only on a much smaller scale. Small businesses must have almost all the same elements in place: product development, customer service, growth projections, big picture thinking, and a heavy emphasis on marketing. Like large companies, small businesses also have brands, and those brands must be carefully marketed to the public to create positive awareness and convertible brand recognition.

Successful Small Businesses Marketing Has Become Inevitable

With as strong a need for marketing and brand awareness as any major company, it’s a wonder that small business owners have not had the opportunity to work with major marketing agencies. All businesses, large or small, absolutely MUST put a heavy emphasis on marketing. You may have a great product or service, but if no one knows about it, what good does it do anyone?

The major difference, of course, is that small businesses–like Caviar's clients–don’t  have the big company budgets. And that means we need to focus on the essentials and get creative!

Inbound Marketing

To devise a reasonable marketing strategy, we must have our priorities in line. Depending on your business, either inbound or repeat business should be priority one. When someone searches for your type of service or product–no matter how they search–we want to make sure they find you, so Inbound MUST be a priority, and step one in Inbound Marketing is having a great SEO engine.

Online Social Presence repeat business from existing customers, on the other hand, is perhaps of equal importance, depending on your particular industry. With repeat customers, it will be easier to sell more expensive products and services; and getting new customers through referrals from those existing customers will typically be an easier sell than to customers with whom you have no prior relationship. So, having a strong social presence online, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, is crucial!

Successful Small Businesses

Custom marketing campaign but, in most cases, there will be a greater number of totally new inbound consumers searching for you than there will be repeat or referral business. So for the majority of small businesses, repeat & referral will be priority two, and outbound efforts will remain number three. In some cases, like that of a personal service provider who targets high-end customers, repeat & retention will actually take first priority. All of these elements must be taken into consideration by a marketing department when devising your custom marketing campaign and growth strategy.

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