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dvd packagingSo many times, the jacket is what sells a movie, even today when people rent movies and stream them online, it is twice as likely that they are going to look at the picture before they read the review, and might not even bother to read the review if they like (or don't like) the image they see. Search your own memory and see if you remember more, the image of Frodo and the ring or the review written about it on the back. Which one drew you to watch? Which one stayed in your memory?

The same will hold true for your own movie, the indy movie you have such high hopes for, the one you made in the woods with your cell phone, like The Blair Witch Project, or out at sea like Open Water. Both of those movies had very striking cover designs, which almost everyone who saw them can remember, and those covers were one of the reasons they broke box office records on small budgets. That's why you really want, you really need a good DVD cover design are.

Our staff will go that extra mile for you, we will watch your movie and, discuss various striking stills that we think best epitomize the moment you want to use to draw viewers in so far. If necessary, we will sit down with you more than once, and talk about your vision of the script, what is most important to you and why. Do you want the text in a certain font, how big should it be, where should we position it, and what about the opacity? What is the tagline, and how does that fit with the image? What face or profile (or other focal point) do you think is the most important?

Another important aspect to consider is, what other films might you quietly evoke by imitating their cover designs in a subtle way? Do you want to evoke humor, or nature, or the road, or desolation? The smoke of battle or the stars of a far-off galaxy? The summer wind or the bitter Siberian snow? If you have a famous actor or actress, how can you maximize that asset in one single shot? Or is there a breathtaking building you want to showcase? Maybe the tagline will take center stage, with just some colors or impressions in the background.

There are additional features we can include. Do you want a foldout story board or scene sequence? A page of reviews? A matte finish or shine? A plastic case or cardboard?

And finally, do you want the same image on the disc itself, or something complementary or unexpected? You could write a message to your viewers, why you made the movie, what you hope they will take away from it, or certain experiences you remember from filming. There are so many things we need to sit down and discuss so far.

The DVD packaging is probably the single most important promotional tool at your disposal as a filmmaker. Do not underestimate it, and do not let it go to waste. Call us today.

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