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Marketing is changing every day. Therefore, you cannot afford to remain in the past. Choosing an effective marketing is now more crucial than ever before. The success of any of your business ventures hinges on the marketing tool that you choose. Custom bookmark is a unique marketing tool that you can use today. A customized bookmark is one of the most potent tools that you can use in passing the right message to your target audience and regular customers. 

What makes the bookmarks special? 

  • Customers can slip the printed bookmarks into their pockets and wallets comfortably
  • Customers view the bookmarks as gifts instead of promotional materials
  • Bookmarks appeal to people of all age groups
  • Bookmarks convey the professionalism, experience, intelligence, learning and education
  • Bookmarks have several practical uses

Great for customized messages

As the marketer, you can print anything on the bookmarks. You can write text messages only on the bookmarks before distributing them to your existing and prospective customers. For example, local clubs have the option of putting calendars featuring all the events and meetings they have planned for the month or year on the bookmarks. Some businesses use bookmarks as the official tickets to events that they organize for marketing their products and services. 

Useful as coupons and promotional materials

You may convert the bookmarks into coupons by printing special offers from your business on them. It is not strange to find published authors listing books on custom bookmarks as a way of ensuring that their names remain on the readers’ minds. Published authors can send bookmarks to their loyal customers as promotional materials. Where possible, the bookmarks can also play the role of business cards. 

Connects businesses with customers

The bookmarks provide a creative connection between business and its customers. Through the customized bookmarks, customers are able to see the name and contact details of your business every day. If you customize the bookmark with your business logo, customers will see this and retain the image in their minds. If the bookmarks are to serve you well, hire a professional to print them. The other benefits that your customers derive from customized bookmarks include:

  • Save-the-date notices
  • Timetables

Displays professionalism

Allow the professional to print the bookmarks in full color. The bookmark will appear more professional if the printer finishes it with matte or gloss. A spot gloss coating or rounded corners offer highly creative ways of finishing the bookmarks, thus ensuring that they stand out from the rest. Remember that the bookmarks provide your business with a packaging option, which affects their perception of your products and services. 

The best size for the customized bookmarks is 3” x 8” or 2” x 6”. A standard card stock of between 80lb and 100lb is the best material for printing the bookmarks. Nonetheless, do not hesitate to ask the printing company to customized standards based on the design requirements as well as purposes of your business. You can order for highly weather resistant customized bookmarks by asking the printing company to apply layers of ultra violet coating.

Finally, do not hesitate to call us today about custom bookmarks since your business needs them. 

Cheap, Personalized Bookmark Printing Services

Bookmarks are a creative way to connect with customers because they’ll see your logo and contact information every day. A custom bookmark also makes a great coupon, ticket, save-the-date notice or timetable.

Quality Bookmark Printing

Our personalized bookmarks are full color, double-sided on heavy card stock with gloss or matte finish. They are inexpensive but they don’t look like the cheap bookmarks found elsewhere.
14 point Glossy Card Stock + UV Coating on Color Side(s)

Bookmark 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 50,000
1.5"x7" Color front B/W back Bookmarks $77 $154 $255 $500 $750 $1,000 $1,275 $2,475
1.5"x7" Full color both sides Bookmarks $80 $160 $260 $550 $775.00 $1,100 $1,400 $2,700
2"x8" Full color both sides Bookmarks $160 $285 $300 $600 $900 $1,150 $1,500 $2,800
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