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You have taken time to burn and replicate that CD. Now it is time to package it and promote it. You need to come up with the right CD packaging that is eye catching. The more competitive your genre or niche is the more effort you need to put into it to stand out from the competition.

When shopping people are more likely to stop and look at a CD with an attractive package. Even if they don’t buy it, they have at least taken note of it. This way you are one step ahead of the competition just by putting a little extra effort into the cover.

Content Consumption
The imagery on the CD packaging does a lot more than just give a good impression. It serves as imagery that is sometimes used by the audiences to consume the content. This is particularly true for music CDs. Rock music CDs tend to have a bizarre or controversial design, other genres may have a visual that is more sensual. As for video games, the cover may have realistic visuals of the characters. People always appreciate when they get a symbolic visual of the content you have in the disc. The symbols and photos can help set the thematic tone of the album. Ultimately, it will influence how the audience perceives the content.

Perfect Fit for the Album
It is not enough to simply have a logo or a photo plastered onto the album’s Cover. The logo or whatever design you have must be fit and designed particularly for that purpose. Very often, people find that they need to redo some of the designs they had before, to fit the dimension of the package. Simply re-sizing a book or magazine design to use as the album art will ruin the layout. The way the information is displayed will be completely off and the gist of the original design will be lost.
You may therefore need to retake photos or have them tweaked by an expert. The designer should understand the principles of creating the perfect CD layout. The package should be used to not only capture the attention of potential customers, but also provide useful information. 

A Good Layout
Have you ever picked up a music CD from the store? You might have noticed how concisely the information is displayed onto that small space. A good design must be accompanied by a good layout. Simple mistakes on the layout can affect the quality of information you want to disseminate to potential customers in the few seconds they pick up the CD to read the contents.

Here are some layout mistakes that ought to be avoided:

  • The name of the artist/creator and the name of the album are not distinct.
  • You have too many elements and pieces of information on the cover.
  • Fonts are not clear or the information is not readable.

It requires a high level of competence and expertise to anticipate and avoid some of these flaws when designing the ideal CD packaging. For the best results, get professional help from qualified CD cover designer.

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