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blogging1If you want to have a successful marketing plan for your business, or increase your online presence, then a powerful blog can help you with this. Many individuals assume that it takes a long time to do research and write content in order to have a successful blog. However, this is not so. All you need to do is think ahead and plan. Do this well, and you can develop a blog that will be easy to keep maintained, reads well, and will give you an extra marketing tool.

By following these simple guidelines, your blog will no longer be boring. Instead, it will end up being read all over the world with great interest.

Plan Ahead.

Always consider in advance what kind of information you want on your blog. Perhaps on a Sunday you could write two or three short articles. These articles could then be posted on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can also make sure that they are scheduled to be posted live on the dates you choose. In the long run, regular routines will save you a lot of time.

Keep Content Fresh.

If you have a blog that has not been updated in a long time, it usually means that the blog owner is not interested in their business. Or they may be too busy to update. Keep in mind that you do not need to have one thousand words or more for every single update. Blog posts could include a wide range of things. It could be anything from: an inspirational quote or news story, a short video about a satisfied customer who has purchased a product from you, or a very positive review someone has given you or your business. Music videos can also be posted. If you want to keep your current visitors interested and interacting, or attract new visitors, then updating your blog is paramount.

Cross-Link Within Your Site.

Always make sure that your articles are: informative, concise, interesting and smart. This will give you and your business a good boost. Your leadership position may also get a boost as you continually update your blog. Be sure to constantly provide back links to past articles that you posted. Social media widgets should also be linked throughout your blog. This should give visitors opportunity to "like" your posts and share them on their Twitter and Facebook pages. You too can share your blog on your social media pages. When you post an update to your page, be sure to tweet this on Twitter, and update your Facebook page so others can visit your blog. Always encourage your followers to tell others about your blog. If you do not know how to include social media icons or embed wedges to your blog, it might be a good idea to hire a website design professional or a webmaster. They will be able to: increase your ranking in search engines, attract further visitors to your blog, change your site around with new designs, navigation links and keyword themes. These will all help when it comes to search engine optimization. Otherwise known as SEO.

Consider Guest-Blogging.

To attract a new audience and expose your business, guest-blogging is a fantastic way to do this. It will also increase traffic to your blog. If you have a good rapport with a businessperson, perhaps you can consider back links on your site. Regular guests contributors is another great way of attracting more visitors. This will generate new readers and you will always have fresh content. Not only that, you will also have a break from your own writing duties.

To make good money from your blog, simply give these simple guidelines a go. You may be surprised at how quickly things can change.

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