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Profiting With Audio Products

If in your business you offer some kind of service, you understand as much as I know that the sky is blue, that at times it is exhausting. Often times because dealing with customers can be a bit challenging, other times because the nature of your business requires too much physical interaction, too much thinking and brainstorming, too much time commitment, or simply because there are only so many hours in a day that you can handle.

Let's face it, as much as you love to do what you do, at some point you'll want to slow down, give it a halt. The problem with that scenario is that if it is all that you do, chances are your income will also come to an abrupt halt. Now, we wouldn't want that to happen, would we?! So here's the good news... it doesn't need to happen, and it won't, if you create information products.

Been there, done that, now I can show you how to do it too!

Honestly, that should be your motto! You've spent hours perfecting your skills, learning new traits, caring for your success and the profitability of your business. You know the downfalls, you know where it hurts for most people, you've been doing this longer than most people you know, you've learned the shortcuts. You, can make it happen.

This is no pep talk. This is reality kicking in. I want you to understand that your experiences and your knowledge have value. Value that can be converted among several things... into money. Sure, you can take your experiences and work harder, acquire even more knowledge, become stronger and better and work even harder, and make more money that way until you exhaust yourself. Or you can continue to do what you do, but also compile your knowledge and package it into products, and make money teaching others who want to be like you and do what you do, what you have learned through out the years.

Before enlightening others, you must motivate yourself.

Unfortunately it doesn't take much before we give up on something, I believe that's just human nature. Well now that you know that, make sure that you remain hopeful and expectant of your success at all times, even when for a split second it seems like it's unachievable. We all have things that drive us, some stronger and harder than others, but from experience I've learned that in business money can be a strong driving force. It might not be the only one (it shouldn't be anyway), but it can quickly put you back on track and remind you of your reasons for doing this. So it is my objective to ensure that you understand that in business one must make money... quickly. Not necessarily easily, mind you, but constantly and often.

People are extremely lazy, that's a fact. The average person reads only one book a year, that's another fact.

We live in a microwave society where everyone wants things done in three minutes or less. That's wonderful news for you! People are willing to consume information that will make them better at what they do, if you can supply them with such information when they demand it, and in a format that won't get in the way of their lazy self's. That is why I recommend creating an audio product. There's no reading involved, and they can pop it in their car and listen to it on their way to work.

Resist your subconscious desire to suffer and take the easy route.

Embrace the microwave school of thought for just a second and create your first product in three minutes or less! Well, it won't be a really good product if you do it in three minutes, but that sentence wouldn't have been as impactful if I wrote sixty minutes instead! Truth is that even if it takes a few days to create a phenomenal product that can change peoples lives, it will certainly change yours forever. Start with audio because it's easy. Grab a recorder, sit in front of a computer with a microphone and start talking, start... teaching! Sure, a book gives you instant credibility, but get started with an audio product and progress from there. Remember that you need to remain in gear, developing a product quickly will keep you motivated to focus on greater and bigger things.

Do you get where I'm going with this? I want you to get started, I want you to taste it so that you can long for more. Desire makes people take action, yourself included. So carefully outline your first product, grab a recorder and start talking, package that, and sell it. That's all it takes! There's no magic, no hidden secrets. Do it well. Don't get me wrong, I want you to do it quickly, I don't want you to do it badly. Put out a phenomenal product in the market and instill desire in people for more. Give them more, and more, and more! Get it? Duplicate yourself via products and make money teaching, so that one day you can give your services a rest, but not your income.

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