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In 1997 I began working with a non-profit startup on a very limited budget. We needed a website and promotional materials but had very limited resources. I began doing research to learn html coding so I could build our website. After doing this, the director asked if I could also learn to design envelope, business, cards, etc. For the next 15 years I designed and created most of our promotional materials and helped them grow from a 3 man team to over 600 volunteers around the world.

I left this organization and went to work for another startup at the beginning of the "We Buy Gold" phenomenon. When I started, this company only had three locations. Again I was able to utilize my web and print design skills to help the owner open an additional 24 stores in the next 18 months!

After helping launch two very successful companies, I decided to take a leap of faith and open my own business. In April of 2011, my wife and I sold everything we owned except a mattress and our clothes. We partnered with a friend, took out a $7k loan, and launched Gold Kings, LLC. Within 2 years we saw the opening of 11 locations across the Southeast! The pictures below show the opening of some of the highlights of our business growth.

During this 18 years of growing businesses, I learned that runing a company is not my passion; launching and growing one is. Caviar Web Design was formed because I got tired of wasting money on advertising that didn't work. Helping launch three successful businesses in two decades taught me where to spend and where not to spend my ad dollars. I love the challenge of maximizing the return on every advertising dollar spent. It is like solving a complex puzzle to see how I can get the most customers in the door in the most cost effective manner possible. It isn't about being cheap. It's about being smart.

At Caviar Web Design, we want to use this experience to help you grow your company without breaking the bank. My target audience is new, small businesses looking for an affordable alternative to expensive marketing agencies. Not only can I build a better website cheaper than any local competitors, I can also handle your search engine optimization needs so local customers can find you. We can even handle you orders for printed materials such as company letterhead, envelope, business cards, etc. Letting us handle it all ensures that your design will be consistent and professional.


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