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google penaltyGoogle has announced that it will be giving penalties for 'over' maximizing certain aspects of a written blog. This has led to much concern from bloggers and website owners alike, as one may find themselves being penalized by Google, which in turn means your website will not be able to be found when someone is searching on Google. This brings with it many ramifications due to loss of traffic and income and could result in your business being financially damaged.

It is not all doom and gloom because with a little effort you can prevent this occurring. Seeking help from a SEO expert who is fully aware of the rules applied is a good start.

We have below 7 ways of avoiding this happening to you.

  1. Keywords- Make sure you are not writing the keywords too many times. There is a rule of thumb that Google thinks it is too much if your density of keywords on any blog is over three percent. This also includes stuffing the keywords into your tags, links and pictures.
  2. Backlinks- Creating backlinks is an important aspect to enable you to improve your rankings. This can be done by linking to similar blogs within your own website. However, too many backlinks can cause concern. There are also many sources on the web where you can buy numerous backlinks cheaply. Avoid these, as this is a case of you get what you pay for and is frowned upon by Google. Only deal with reputable SEO companies.
  3. Linking- It is easy to get carried away with linking but if your links go to either unrelated websites or to websites with little to offer, this will go against you and Google may ban you. When linking, make sure they link to professional websites
  4. Content- Not all content is good. With poor content your readers will turn away in droves and not return. Google is looking for unique and interesting material. If it is content you have found from another website and you post it on yours, Google will penalize you.
  5. Value- Your blog and website needs to give what it promises. People reading your blog should always be able to find what the title suggests.
  6. Duplicate Content- This would be one of the first things that Google recognizes when scanning your website. You will be putting yourself at risk of being banned by using material from other websites blogs. Writing blogs that are too similar to another, on the same website, could also cause you to be penalized. If you find it hard to write unique blogs, hire a writer.
  7. Random Keywords- Some people have suggested writing keywords at the end of a post to boost their rankings. This does not happen and may work against you by getting a ban from Google.

These suggestions are just some of the ways you can help prevent your website from getting penalized or banned by Google. Your website needs to be able to be seen by people when they search for a topic on Google so it is important to spend sometime to avoid being penalized.

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